Residential joinery project at Little Venice, W2

Featuring Antico, Scandi, Windsor ranges, Walk in wardrobe and Wainscot Wall panelling

Project details

Location Little Venice, London
Space Master Bedroom, Walk in wardrobe, Living room, Lounge, Guest Bedroom
Finish hinged doors wardrobes with Antico & Scandi Style doors, Shaker style lacquered wardrobes, Wall panelling for the Living room sprayed on site, Walk in wardrobe
Price £25,000+VAT

For this project at Little Venice customer decided to go with different range of wardrobe in each room. For the Master Bedroom the Antico range of wardrobes has been chosen (Routered metal handles, Veneered doors). For the Guest bedroom the Scandi range with lacquered doors and grooved wooden handles has been chosen. And the 2nd Guest bedroom the customer decided to go with Windsor range doors (sprayed shaker style).

Apart from the wardrobes the extremely awkward space has been converted to the Walk in wardrobe. We have also installed the Wainscot Wall panels in the Living room/Lounge area and sprayed them on site. The wall has one hidden hinged doors and shelves behind.

The wood panelling in the living room makes the house look more luxurious. It adds character and warmth to the room. Clients like wood panelling as it also brings different texture to the room. Painted walls don’t necessarily have the same charm. Historically wood panelling was used to add an extra layer of warmth but gradually it became more about signifying a room’s importance. This panelling does have a certain grandeur about it.

The grey panelling is very tasteful. Grey can be quite a mysterious colour and the fact there is secret storage adds to the feeling of intrigue in this room.

The hidden storage is a big plus in terms of practicality too. The room will be easier to keep clean if belongings can be stored out of sight. We can always benefit from more storage in our homes. But it’s more elegant when it discrete like this. The master bedroom wardrobes are quite dark. But they add so much charm and appeal to this room. The light walls and flooring keep things fresh and inviting, which works well with the chosen furniture. It is an attractive contrast. Plus, the dark coloured wardrobes help you feel warm and cosy without it the room might be cold and sterile.

The walk-in wardrobe is a valuable asset to this home. It’s a place to neatly organise everything. It’s surprising how much storage space has been unlocked with our bespoke shelving units. Everything can be easily accessed, and it means the bedroom can remain free of clutter. Before it would have been an awkward shaped room with no real purpose. Now it is a unique selling point if the client ever wants to sell their home.

The guest rooms have light coloured wardrobes with lovely darker interiors. The contrast always looks attractive when the wardrobe is in use.

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