Fitted bookcase hand painted in 3 colours

MDF hand-painted bookcase with radiator grills. Three different colours.

Project details

Location Hampstead
Space Living room
Finish Hand painted. 3 different colours. Radiator grills.
Price £4,500+VAT

We love to combine different colours. If the unit is hand painted the result is always non predictable. However, once you see the final result – it looks amazing. Radiator on the wall – not a problem.

The configuration of the shelves make this a striking piece of furniture, it has been created to be a thing of beauty but also very practical. There is ample room to store your books and other treasured belongings in an appealing fashion, whether openly on display or behind the bookcase doors.

The bold red sections make it stand out; it’s a bookcase that captures your attention, sometimes it pays to experiment with different colours especially if you want something truly bespoke. The white colour is very elegant and tasteful but the red stops the bookcase blending into the background and helps the room look more vibrant in the process. The addition of the grey and red colours stop the furniture making the room feel too cold, red always adds warmth.

The bottom of the bookcase has a vent to ensure the heat from the radiator still escapes into the room, so the efficiency of the radiator is never compromised. Being able to use walls with radiators on gives you more freedom to design your room how you really want, usually you can feel like radiators limit your options but we can cleverly incorporate them into a unique and stylish design in keeping with the room.

The layout of the shelves is interesting and eye catching; it is a very modern item of furniture but one to help you organise your life perfectly. One you can use to arrange your belongings attractively without making them appear cluttered or disorganised. As the bookshelf is built to the exact specifications of our client, naturally it fits in effortlessly with the rest of the room. We can work alongside your vision or suggest ideas if your looking for inspiration.

We can also make more traditional pieces so depending on your needs please do get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

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