Copperleaf acrylic finish doors dressing room, Loughton

Bespoke dressing room with LED lighting, high gloss acrylic finish and antique brass handles

Project details

Location Loughton
Space Dressing room, walk in wardrobe
Finish Copperleaf acrylic finish doors with brass handles
Price £15,000+VAT incl. delivery and installation

The subtle metallic tones make this dressing area a very glamourous addition to this bedroom. Choosing to use Copperleaf for this dressing room transforms it to a grand and sophisticated space. It is a room that demands attention.

The colour could be considered a bold choice. Creating quite a statement for confident and extrovert personalities. But it works on so many levels here. Firstly, it is a warm colour, not harsh to look at like chrome can be. Plus, copper colours are a big interiors trend right now. By opting for Copperleaf, the client is keeping up with the latest style whilst avoiding the cold industrial feel of some metallics.

The dressing room seems very expensive looking and tasteful. This colour is often associated with wealth and luxury. But it can also be connected with spirituality too. It certainly has a lot of texture and adds an interesting dynamic to the room. The ceiling lights and mirrored panels teamed up with the acrylic finish reflect lots of light. All of these factors make the dressing room appear even more spacious than it is. The addition of this dressing area is a real asset to the property. Confident professionals who care about fashion need adequate storage for their belongings that is easy to access. It is a very practical solution that gives the client privacy to change. In terms of storage this configuration also offers ample space. Keeping the bedroom free of clutter and making it a restful place to sleep.

The layout of the wardrobe wall makes this seem like a separate area. In reality it’s all part of one big bedroom. Creating the dressing room in this way really helps with the flow of the bedroom. The designated area is clearly marked out as the wardrobe wall acts as a divider without the client having to leave the bedroom to change.

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