Castelnau project SW13, hallway, bathroom and bedrooms

Combination of lacquered hinged and sliding doors for various spaces in the house

Location Castelnau, SW13
Budget £20,000
Finish Sprayed exterior (Apres Ski, Fired Earth), full carcass inside. Vertical and horizontal routered handles.
Space Hallway, Guest Bedroom, Bathroom, Master Bedroom
Another happy customer from Putney, London. The fitted furniture was manufactured and installed for hallway, guest bedroom, bathroom and loft master bedroom. All wardrobes are made-to-measure, fitted and were configured based on the customer’s comments and to match the existing interior in the rooms.

Wardrobe in the hallway makes it easier to achieve a welcoming entrance. Given that the hallway is the first impression of your home its important to get it right. Coats and shoes can be quickly stored away out of sight giving the illusion of more space.

Opting for a mirror inside the door is very practical. The client can check their appearance before heading off to work. The floor is hardwearing and the palette fresh and clean. The hallway has enough room to accommodate a console table. You could add some more colour here by purchasing a few plants or displaying some artwork.

Shelves added to the side of a wardrobe can increase the available storage in a smaller room. Also, the client could add a few items to make their guests stay more comfortable. Perhaps books or magazines to keep them happily entertained and an alarm clock.

In the loft bedroom the limited space in the sloped ceiling has not gone to waste. The built-in drawers and cupboard have added so much potential to the room. Fitted furniture works best in unusual shaped rooms like this.

Adding built in storage in a bathroom is advisable. Bathrooms are prone to becoming cluttered. You quickly accumulate pampering products and towels. Even with the best intentions without adequate storage a bathroom will soon look messy. You want to relax and unwind in your bathroom, so the client has had lots of shelves built in to make that a possibility. The two recesses above the toilet are also useful perhaps to store a candle or a bowl of bath bombs. But it’s important to avoid the temptation to overfill them. Instead utilise all the available storage space in the generous wardrobe. The client has chosen routered handles throughout. These are in keeping with the modern style of the property interior.

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Price. We offer straightforward quotation process with none of the 'discount smoke and mirror strategy'. 

Finishes. Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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