Attic room built in wardrobes

Loft room spray painted MDF doors with integrated handles

Project details

Location UB9, Dehnam, London,
Space Attic room, Loft with sloping ceiling
Finish Lacquered MDF doors with integrated full height handles
Price £8,000+VAT incl. installation

Attic room built-in wardrobes

The attic differs from a standard room in the presence of slopes: in some parts, the ceiling will be lower, and the wall will be shorter. It will be more difficult to equip the interior and choose a wardrobe due to its height. For this reason, built-in models are functional and space-saving.

Attic Wardrobe Options

Our designers provide several effective solutions for built-in attic wardrobes:

  • Shelves in an attic wardrobe can be successfully placed near the wall with an angle and be both open and closed.
  • A low module can occupy the lowest part of the room with drawers for storage. The side parts of the wardrobe with spacy open niches can be placed on the wall with a slope.
  • Furniture of the usual size and configuration is installed near the straight wall of the room.
  • The light-painted facades in the attic will visually make it larger, while storage space will be organized behind the doors.These features allow using the limited space effectively.

Attic Wardrobe Design Features

Designing an attic wardrobe with a sloping roof is complicated due to the attic space characteristics, which configuration may have the following features:

  • Sloped ceilings and ledge walls;
  • Non-standard window placement;
  • Protruding support and load-bearing beams;
  • Non-standard attic geometry: developed corners and rounded sections.

Properly designed high-quality furniture allows you to use the area with maximum benefit. For more practical use of space, such a filling is added:

  • Drawers are used to store socks, ties, and underwear;
  • Hanger holders are convenient for a neat arrangement of shirts, and dresses;
  • Shoe compartments – a stylish solution for compact storage of shoes and boots;
  • Baskets for rarely used little things;
  • Tie makers – a rotative system where each tie hangs in plain sight;
  • Trouser pants are a wardrobe element for comfortable storage.

Recommendations for choosing a wardrobe

Urban Wardrobes recommends choosing built-in wardrobe models for the attic space. This advice is based on their significant advantages:

  • Reasonable price.
    The built-in wardrobe is much more practical than bulky furniture in the traditional design, with a one-piece body. Our designers will develop the perfect design for your attic space and its peculiarities.
  • Ecological materials.
    While producing our wardrobes, we use only 100% ecological materials.
  • Ease of use.
    Thanks to intelligent shelving systems that are the basis for built-in furniture, the attic wardrobe turns out stylish, comfortable, and spacy.
built in wardrobes
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