Awkward L-shaped fitted bookcase, Higbury

Hand Painted awkward shape bookcase with fold down desk

Project details

Location Highbury
Space Living room
Finish Hand painted MDF
Price £4,300+VAT incl. installation

This lovely awkward design L-shaped bookcase was manufactured by our team and installed for our customer in his Highbury apartment. this living room unit has hand painted finish and the colour was chosen from the Farrow & Ball colour book – it is Pointing (2003). The shape of all shelves and the location of sections covered by the doors are fully bespoke and were adjusted by the customer during the design process.

The end result is quite spectacular, a very unique combination of shelves and units that work remarkably well. Ideal for the living room to showcase the clients books, pictures and other cherished belongings, whilst still being able to hide away the paperwork and general clutter of family life behind the closed doors of the bookcase.

The finished bookcase is impressive; I think it creates an impact. It’s visually incredibly appealing but also has a very practical purpose. You could never have hoped to achieve anything this effective buying off the shelf, you can see that the client’s vision and Urban Wardrobes knowledge have combined successfully to offer something very exclusive. I think this set up would work well in a children’s playroom too, because you have plenty of room to store and display their favourite toys and it is easy for them to organise everything.

The colour choice works well as it opens up the space further but it has a warm undertone so it is not too cold or clinical. It’s one of the prettiest whites you can pick so the client had a good eye. You can tell they wanted something quite uncomplicated, the bookcase stands out for all the right reasons it did not need a bold colour choice to draw attention to it.

I really like how this design utilises a tricky corner so skilfully, working up to the ceiling to maximise all the available space. The layout makes it look almost like a work of art in itself as the units look very randomly placed (although really you know a lot of thought and attention has gone into their creation). The different sized shelves provide enough variety for whatever you plan to display now and in the future, as your needs change this bookcase will keep delivering a useful storage solution.

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