Putney SW15 master bedroom awkward space fitted wardrobe

Another happy customer just converted his awkward space in house at Putney into a fully functional fitted wardrobe. Sprayed doors with handles routered in the middle is one of the possible designs of our Tempo range. The doors have been sprayed in All White colour from Farrow & Ball. The space near the window is used for the dressing table with made-to-measure mirror.

Fitted Tempo range wardrobe with routered handles
Sprayed fitted wardrobes Putney
Sprayed made to measure wardrobes Putney
Sprayed fitted dressing tables bespoke Putney
Made to measure wardrobes Putney SW15
Spray painted bespoke furniture Putney SW15
Made to measure fitted wardrobes Putney London
Putney bespoke sprayed furniture
White wardrobes Putney London
Fitted wardrobes Putney SW15

White is a great choice so fresh and clean. But it can be quite stark too, which is tricky when you want your bedroom to be welcoming. Fortunately, the colour choice All White is one of the Farrow & Ball softer and more sympathetic whites. It does not have the blue undertones found in some of their whites that can make a room appear cold.

Choosing All White paint, having such a big window to let in natural light and opting for darker flooring are all techniques that stop the room from feeling chilly. White is good for reflecting light but it’s worth incorporating a few other elements when the sun is not so bright. The heavy drapes will make the room feel warmer in winter and perhaps adding a rug would be worthwhile.

The internal configuration is very impressive, so much space to store belongings safely. Fortunately, no space is wasted because Urban Wardrobes achieve the perfect fit.

The routered handles are very contemporary. The wardrobe looks more modern with a smooth sleek surface. The minimalist design will appeal to those who appreciate simplicity.

Some handles are so fussy this wardrobe manages to blend in whilst still looking beautiful. It is a real asset to this home. It’s a wardrobe that will last various interior trends, it really is timeless. A classic piece of furniture that stays in style.

The doors open out but there is plenty of clearance space. Even once the bed is added to the room.

Incorporating a dressing table into the design really enhances the room. It is a practical addition that looks stylish too. Dressing tables are making a revival. For many it’s an item of furniture that makes us feel nostalgic. But most importantly they are a comfortable place to apply makeup and prepare for the day ahead.