Fully fitted folding wall bed, Denham

Just finished one of our most complicated projects of all times. The task was to fit the murphy bed inside the metal construction in the flat which was a windmill long time ago.

bespoke foldaway bed London Murphy bed fully fittedcreate stunning hideaway effect in your guest room
Murphy Bed, fold down beds London Fully fitted wall bed inside bespoke wardrobe, London

Hinges wardrobes with built it foldaway bed Foldaway wall bed by Urban WardrobesFully fitted Folding beds, LondonMurphy bed fully fitted into hinged wardrobe

As you can see from the following images our wall bed blends in seamlessly with the rest of the wardrobe configuration, when not in use it just looks like a regular storage arrangement not alluding to its true purpose.

Our fold down beds really do enhance the room in any home, not only do they look fantastic they are hugely practical affording you the space to allow guests to stay comfortably in your house when needed.

It is amazing how little space they take being stored vertically freeing up room for children to play or office work to be carried out when the bed is not in use. Having a guest room does not make the most of your free space if you rarely have guests, why commit so much space to people that only visit infrequently start making the most of the available room in your home and enjoying it for you and your immediate family, maybe find a new interest like exercising or crafting that you were unable to do when space was restricted.

We design our folding beds with comfort and convenience in mind; they can be used every day or more occasionally.

The Murphy Bed is easy to operate and very safe, our designers make sure that the chosen bed will perfectly suit your needs, so please do book an appointment with us to discuss your requirements.

It is also much easier to have a clutter free and clean house using wallbed cabinetry as you can tidily store beds away when not in use, meaning you can quickly vacuum the room then return the foldaway bed back into position.