Frameless sliding door wardrobe, Greenwich

We love mix different ranges and style of wardrobes and always come up with something interesting for our customers. The following project installed for our customer in Greenwich and this is a mixture  of our shaker style Windsor range  and our Quarto range.

Spray painted shaker style sliding door wardrobe

Frameless sliding door wardrobe

Made to measure sliding door wardrobe

The chosen colour choice helps the sleek and sophisticated wardrobe blend in with the existing white walls and stops what is a substantial piece of furniture from dominating the room. The handles are routered, which again help this wardrobe blend into the background. It’s all very minimalist.

It is a very neutral and clean finish, making the room look very fresh and modern. Too much white can be quite cold but the client could easily add warmer colours through their choice of bedding or other accessories. Or if you like the concept but want more colour in your own home you could add a different colour interior that can also work quite well when the wardrobe is in use.

This choice of wardrobe can be quite timeless it gives you ample freedom to change the rest of the décor if your tastes (or fashion as a whole) change in the future – its quite inexpensive to buy a pot of paint rather than replace your bespoke fitted furniture.

I like how it feels like a blank slate I find that a relaxing idea for a bedroom, too much going on in your bedroom can make if difficult to get a restful nights sleep. Here you could slowly incorporate a bit more colour and change the mood of the room quite easily depending on if you wanted it to be more welcoming or romantic. It is very versatile.

Sliding doors are ideal for the size of the room as there is not adequate space to open out doors given the position of the bed. The wardrobe design seems to work well with the dimensions of the room and makes the best of it.

The internal configuration is very clever you have hanging space and shelves set back slightly, so none of this extremely practical wardrobe is wasted. The interior really does utilise all the available storage space.