Dark mirror doors walk in wardrobe, Surrey

This lovely walk in wardrobe was manufactured by Urban Wardrobes and installed on the top floor of our customer’s house in Surrey. The doors are made from spray painted MDF frames with dark mirrors inside.

Walk in wardrobe with spray painted MDF doors with mirrors

fitted Walk in wardrobe with dark mirrored doorsbespoke walk in wardrobes with dark mirror doors

Shoe storage inside the fitted walk in wardrobe

As you can see from the pictures the internal configuration allowed for ample space for the clients generous shoe collection. When you have a custom built wardrobe with us you can rest assured you would have a solution that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly. Without proper storage a collection of this size would probably be cluttering up the rest of the house, whereas housing everything in this manner frees up space elsewhere.

We have managed to use the limited room very productively; being a floor to ceiling height wardrobe arrangement no space is wasted. It would be difficult to achieve anything remotely as effective when bought off the shelf. Every corner of the room is utilised, this one comprehensive wardrobe assembly could easily house all your clothes, shoes and accessories so they are easy to find and well presented. The layout enables to keep your belongings in pristine condition, if you do not have adequate storage space the temptation is to throw shoes on top of each other, which could damage the more delicate heels and sandals in your much loved collection.

The mirrored doors are ideal to help you check you are happy with your chosen outfit before you head off for the day. Being surrounded by mirrors you can inspect every single angle to make sure its just right! The darker mirror doors are designed to look more exclusive and not quite as overwhelming as clear mirrors.

There is a window in this room so the use of so many mirrors will reflect lots of natural light back into the room and help it feel bigger and brighter. The pictures do not do this justice as they were taken when it was already dark, but it is a clever way to make a smaller room look that much more spacious.