Contemporary walk in wardrobe, Canada Water

Walk in wardrobe made from combination of woodgrain and plain white materials. The depth of the side panels is reduced to allow more space in the room. Chunky floating shelves make this contemporary dressing room more interesting and solid.

Contemporary walk in wardrobeFitted walk in wardrobeModern fitted dressing room

This cleverly designed walk in wardrobe has lots of space to store clothes, shoes and accessories. It has a real open feel with the absence of wardrobe doors. It is very functional, everything is easy to access and find, it’s a practical and chic solution to the client’s storage woes.

As the dressing room is floor to ceiling height all the available space is fully utilised making sure the client still has plenty of room to dress in what is now a very sophisticated space in their house. Walk in wardrobes are a great selling point for any home so you can rest assured your investment will pay off in the future.

In terms of storage there is a section for longer hanging clothes but the wardrobe mainly prioritizes shorter hanging space as that is what the client primarily owns. That is the luxury of having your wardrobe tailored to your individual needs you can make sure the available storage suits your lifestyle and personal requirements. If your planning on having a walk in wardrobe look at the width of the clothes you own already and see what option would best suit you. Also remember to leave enough space between the clothes you hang to avoid them creasing. The client can now keep their clothes in immaculate condition.

The room is painted light grey which is a very calming choice of colour and much warmer than white, teamed with the rich woodgrain the room looks very inviting. The full-length mirror reflects light from the window making the room seem that bit bigger.

There are benefits to keeping your clothes in a separate room as is the case here, it can prevent the bedroom being quite so dusty from clothing fibres as a result the bedroom becomes a more pleasant and healthy environment