Bright Design, Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf kitchen project is a bright, fun design that is surely to add color to your kitchen and life. The countertops, drawers, and cabinetry are all made of the same very light, clean material, and everything is made to be as smooth as possible.


In keeping with the unbroken lines of the counters, there are no fixtures, so the drawers are made to easily grab and slide out. The stovetop, rather than being a separate standing appliance, is built right into the counter itself, making for a very chic look. However, there are separate ovens to ensure plenty of room for cooking, baking, and entertaining.

At the center of the kitchen sits an island counter with plenty of room for serving large parties or a casual meal during the day. Two square stools add to the youthful feeling with colours matching the stripe above the counter. The daring colour of the stripe breaks up the cleanliness of the kitchen and adds a bit of funkiness and personality. The chairs of the dining area are a very modern design and can be made to match the bold stripe as well, tying the whole room and both rooms together. Extra shelves can be added in the dining area with interesting patterns behind them to serve both practical purposes and artistic ones.

Here in London at Urban Wardrobes, we make sure every design is as individual as you are. Our first consultation is free, and when you meet with one of our designers, they can provide you with plenty of samples, patterns, and colours to make every design your own. Our materials are completely eco-friendly, and everything we make gets its own ten year warranty. We also make sure no one can beat us in price, so if you get a lower quote, send it to us, and our price is sure to be lower. Don’t forget to checkout the other fantastic designs in our portfolio!