Windsor range traditional wardrobe, Highbury Hill

Another project competed for the customer with residence at Highbury Hill, N5, London. He was not sure at first whether to go with sliding door wardrobe or traditional shaker style wardrobe. Finally the customer decided to go with our Windsor range wardrobes with shaker style spray painted doors. And here is the result of our job:

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This wardrobe has made the most of the high ceiling, which you can only really appreciate when you see the size of the door in the picture. Having the wardrobe custom built made sure plenty of storage was available in this configuration utilising that few extra feet of height that you would not have when buying furniture off the shelf. It is floor to ceiling too, so no temptation to store belongings in sight at the top of the wardrobe itself. The hinged doors open out into the room but being slim they do not eat into too much of the floor space when in use. Fitted furniture gives you so much more space than you ever would have with free standing wardrobes. They make the most of what you have available.

The dimensions of the wardrobe make it look elegant with the owners choice of slim door panels, helping the rest of the room appear quite spacious. The Windsor range is grand and traditional, in keeping with the room layout. A new wardrobe can really lift a bedroom and the white colour is very fresh. It’s not too cold because the olive walls add some Mediterranean warmth.

The arrangement of the interior is very effective, especially the 7 shelves in the middle leaving lots of space for folded clothes or other belongings if you wanted to keep the rest of the room clear from clutter. The layout is so well planned that all the space in the wardrobe is utilised, with one double hanging rail section on one side and drawers on the bottom of the other there is no wasted room.

It can be hard to declutter we are all sentimental about our belongings, but when you have adequate storage you do not have to make hard decisions about getting rid of certain things. If you organise it cleverly out of sight, you can continue to cherish your memories and keepsakes.