Spray painted wardrobe with wooden frame, Wanstead

The customer decided to break the 5m width space with the open woodgrain chunky shelves and use the same material for the wardrobe’s frame. Despite the 2nd bedroom space is not so wide the very same design was chosen. The wardrobe is made in Tempo style, with spray painted hinged doors and Lancaster Oak carcass.

Tempo range of spray painted doors with grooved handles

Spray painted fitted wardrobes with grooved handles

The middle shelves help make this piece of furniture a real centrepiece. Combined with the gentle curve this wardrobe really captures your interest. The curve is a bit more unusual and unique and as a result it creates an impact. In both rooms the wardrobe utilises the available space perfectly.

Having the same wardrobe but on a smaller scale in the second bedroom helps with unity in the house in general. It also shows how well this particular wardrobe works even when the colour scheme is different. It compliments white walls or moody blue wallpaper just as well, which does illustrate how you are able to adjust your colour scheme without the added expensive of changing your fitted furniture when you want to revitalise the room. This wardrobe gives you plenty of scope for the future.

I actually prefer the light walls of the second bedroom because the colour of the middle shelves and the frame add enough colour to the room. That colour in the middle and the wooden frame stop the furniture from blending in to the walls; this is a wardrobe that wants be noticed. It is very stylish and dynamic; the curve is an interiors trend that is increasing in popularity.

The middle shelf allows you to showcase your belongings, as sometimes there is the temptation to tidily store everything away and out of sight. With nothing on display the room can lack personality, even with a bold wardrobe choice like this – adding a few choice items can make the room that bit more personal and in turn inviting.

The routered handles work well because they keep your attention focused on the curve and the middle shelf. It would possibly have been too much with the additional feature of ornate handles as the overall effect of the curves would not have been so sleek.