Scandi range cupboards, Dulwich

Scandi range wardrobes were installed for our customer in Dulwich. The doors are sprayed in Skimming stone colour paint from Farrow & Ball with the woodgrain interior from Egger. The real wood grooved handles produced to match the carcass colour.

Spray painted fitted doors with real wood routered handles
Perfectly fitted build in wardrobe
Sprayed fitted wardrobe with open shelving
built in wardrobe with spray painted doors

The chosen colour of the doors Skimming Stone is a warm light grey and according to Farrow & Ball it is ideal for soothing bedrooms. It is amazing how the right shade of paint can transform a bedroom and grey is a colour that is often associated with calm which can help you sleep better.

We lead such busy lives we need our bedrooms to be a sanctuary for rest and recuperative. With a computer in the room it can be hard to switch off but using the right colours and furniture we can help the body have the right cues to sleep. You don’t want to be overstimulated by bright colours and apparently the colour grey can also reduce your blood pressure.

The simple routed handles effectively break up the mass of grey colour and are very modern and understated. It is more streamlined without bulky handles drawing your eye and the recessed edge make them easy to open.

The wardrobe itself is vast, built from wall to wall and floor to ceiling with a combination of shelves, hanging space and shoe racks. Alongside the chosen colour the generous storage available makes it easier to declutter the room which again improves the quality of sleep. An organised bedroom environment is more pleasant, restful and comfortable. The interior is expansive so there is little need for additional furniture in the room this can help free up floor space and make the room more open.

The ceiling spotlights above the wardrobe are well placed to illuminate the wardrobe interior when in use, making it easier to find what you are looking for. There is much to consider when having a custom-built wardrobe and we are only too happy to share our extensive experience and knowledge so you can find the wardrobe that meets your requirements.