Notting Hill project, combination of Tempo and Scandi ranges

Our new project at Notting Hill. Sprayed fitted furniture for the whole house. Customer decided to go with our Tempo, Scandi and Blaze ranges. All doors are sprayed in white matt colour with routered handles.

Tempo range of fitted wardrobes with sprayed doors
Tempo sprayed fitted wardrobes

Tempo range fitted sprayed wardrobes
Fitted Scandi Wardrobes
Made to measure wardrobes with sprayed doors Notting Hill
Spray painted doors with routered handles Notting Hill
Scandi range of fitted wardrobes, Notting Hill London

Fitted hallway wardrobes Notting Hill
Fitted hallway wardrobes Notting Hill

Spray painted fitted wardrobes London
Spray painted fitted wardrobes London

Made to measure sprayed wardrobes Notting Hill

Scandi fitted wardrobe

The routered handles help achieve a minimal look, they are very discrete. Although as you can see choosing to have them made a different colour completely changes the dynamic of the wardrobe. The handle becomes more of a feature. Adding a splash of colour to effectively break up the expanse of white, without being too overpowering.

The interior is very fresh and elegant, neutrals are very popular now. The finished result is very calming. Everything is organised and has its place. Clearing spaces of clutter helps simplify your life.

Use the process of getting new fitted wardrobes to see what you can cut back on. The temptation over the years is to hoard paperwork and trinkets. See what you can let go of to live simply. Then everything that you cannot bear to be without can be tucked away in your new stylish storage. But try not to keep things just in case. If you haven’t worn it or used it in over a year the likelihood is its not enriching your life. You really won’t miss it when it’s gone.

Those that have tidy bedrooms tend to sleep better so investing in quality fitted furniture can be good for your health. A disorganised home can be overwhelming. With the right storage it is also easier to find what you need when you are searching for it. That can free up a lot of your time. With less chaos your house is also easier to clean. So, the benefits of decent storage and decluttering are considerable.

The warm wood panels teamed up with the muted grey walls stop the rooms feeling cold. Even the coloured handles add extra warmth and character. The position of the spotlights also brings a lot of light into the rooms. Making the place seem much brighter. All the rooms appear spacious and the layout and flow works well.