Mirror & glass 2 doors sliding wardrobe, Greenwich

This bespoke 2 doors sliding wardrobe was installed for our customer’s flat in Greenwich. One door is made from mirror and another one from white glass. Both doors have aluminium dividers and routered handles. The drawer’s fronts made from different colour material looks amazing and very stylish.

Mirror & glass 2 door sliding wardrobe Mirror & glass fully fitted sliding wardrobe White carcass and coloured drawers bespoke wardrobe Aluminium sliding doors system with thin profile Sliding fitted wardrobe by Urban Wardrobes View from the window - Urban Wardrobes

The contrast of a mirror on one side and white glass on the other is extremely effective. It stops the wardrobe looking uniform and uninspiring. Why settle for a conventional choice when you can have Urban Wardrobes come up with something more unique and eye catching. The position of the wardrobe means the view out of the window can be seen which really opens up the room and makes the most of one of its best assets.

Inside the wardrobe the use of coloured drawers makes it appear ultra modern. The splash of colour helps the storage space stand out when the wardrobe is open and in use. It’s unexpected as you assume the inside will be completely white.

The wardrobe is very contemporary and most importantly the choice of mirror and white glass both help reflect light into the room helping the room look much bigger and brighter, so a practical option as well as stylish. The mirror is also a useful feature to have when trying on outfits, as it is full length. The routered handles are a popular choice for those keen on the minimalist design and want something less fussy that blends in with the wardrobe itself.

The wardrobe has been designed to make the maximum use of the available space, with drawers added to the wasted space that you would normally find at the bottom of the wardrobe. Eight drawers have also been incorporated to ensure clothes and undergarments can be kept well arranged.

The sliding door is helpful here because of the distance of the bed from the wardrobe, if it opened out it would make it harder to manoeuvre around the room. Details like this can be carefully planned when you order an Urban Wardrobes storage solution. With the wardrobe almost at ceiling height there is no danger of storing extra belongings on top and cluttering up the room.