Intelligent Clean Design, Hounslow

They are better than boxes or suitcases. Your clothes are free from dampness and other insects that might infest in. With hinged wardrobes you can leave the doors open during the day.




This displays the beauty in it since it’s easier to spot what you could be looking for. Reallocating it to another place is also easy, no more juggling or hiring somebody to help you .With these you can move it from one corner to another, and its cleaning process is the simplest. No splashing of water, it only needs some wiping. Apart from storing clothes in hinged wardrobes you can still have one for your bedding. lt’s storing capacity is allowed more than you can imagine, no stuffing. Everything is arranged systematically, your room is fresh all the time every day. You can also place some air conditioning tubs at one corner, once you open the doors the sweet scent spreads all over. This scent is strong enough to keep your house bouncy.

Even in your guest room too need have hinged wardrobes to cater for your visitors. This will allow them to feel relaxed after unpacking their contents. They are spacious enough to cover your clothes storing problems. Like I said earlier, this items are pocket friendly and they can be portable or can be inbuilt. As long as they are hinged wardrobes the purpose serves the same.

Hinged doors require more space to be able to open into the room but the whole door length is allot less than what is recommended for the depth that is meant for the wardrobe, the space that is needed is usually more that is needed for the doors ‘opening’ space. Sliding doors do not require space like the hinged doors to open up into the room. The maximum size of a hinged door is of around 600mm which is in approximation 2 foot, so that not too much weight is put on the hinges. Hinged wardrobes floors built-in according to the height of the recommended plinth size of has in a shelf with space which is right above the ceiling.