Perfectly fitted wardrobe, Chiswick

Congratulations on the new house in Chiswick, London! It’s time to bring in a touch of convenience and modern amenities, isn’t it? However, with new homes come new issues – space for that matter.

fitted wardrobe chiswick

hinged wardrobe chiswick

What about installing a modern hinged doors wardrobe in master your bedroom? A smart storage solution and the room would save on floor space too. With plenty of compartments within to store everything, from shoes to clothes, a separate long space for the evening gowns and formal trousers to hang too – Urban Wardrobes has customised options and eco-friendly solutions for all your domestic storage needs.

Talk about luxury and chic lifestyle products, and Urban Wardrobes has plenty of options to suit all budgets, lifestyles and new-age living. In this day and age, as room sizes shrink, the homemaker needs help storing and managing daily needs – clothes especially.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ‘one-stop-solution’ – one that would house almost every item lying around? If this sounds familiar and has been on your mind for long, drop by and check out the range of hinged wardrobes we have in store. Give your personality and lifestyle a chic and uber-trendy touch, bring home the fitted wardrobe and allow our team to install it for you. No more bickering with your loved ones, because of clothing and shoes or the socks for that matter, lying around.

The bedroom would have enough of space when the wardrobe is installed – and you would have peace of mind, especially when searching for an important piece of clothing. With everything neatly organised and in place, your room would look clean – clutter free for that matter. Aesthetically speaking, the bedroom now would be inviting and very comfortable to snooze in, or maybe on a lazy Sunday afternoon, read a book. Check out the latest range of hinged wardrobes on display, our website has plenty for you to choose from.