Guest room with fully fitted shaker style wardrobes, W9

In this project our customers decided to transform their top floor into a dressing room with the ability to host guests when needed. As visitors were an occasional occurrence it was important the room had that dual purpose, what better way to do this than have a folding wall bed. This option takes up very little space meaning the room can serve as a good sized dressing room the majority of the time then easily transform into a comfortable guest bedroom when required.

Shaker style spray painted doors wardrobe
Shaker style wardrobes with mirrored doors
Wardrobes, bedside units and folding wall bed
Spray painted finish of the hinged doors
Shaker style wardrobes fitted to absolute perfection
High Quality spray painted doors finish
Wardrobes with walnut interior
fitted walnut finish wardrobes with shaker style doors
fully bespoke wardrobe interiors
Shaker style doors with mirrors
Soft close drawers and fully bespoke wardrobe designs
Shaker style wardrobe with external drawers
Infill panels perfectly fitted
Made to measure wardrobes
Pull out hanging rail for the trousers
Hanging space in the middle of the fully fitted shaker style wardrobe
Combination of shelves, drawers and shoe shelves

Dual function rooms are becoming more popular especially with space a commodity in short supply, fortunately we have lots of experience coming up with solutions that really work and completely satisfy our clients needs.

The addition of mirrored doors in one of the wardrobes help give the room a more spacious feel especially as light will reflect from the window, helping a smaller room feel brighter and bigger than it really is. Adding a mirror also lets the client assess their chosen outfit before heading off to work.

No space is wasted in this cleverly designed dressing room, the floor to ceiling wardrobes house an impressive array of shelves, drawers and hanging space. When you make the all-important decision to have a dressing room in your house you want a wardrobe configuration that will completely contain your extensive assortment of clothes, shoes and accessories. As you can see from the pictures we have managed to create ample storage space for our clients vast collection.

Visually the contrast of the walnut carcass when the doors are open with the lighter coloured spray paint is very effective. The light colour outside subtly blends into the walls but when you want to reach into your wardrobe, the bolder colour draws you in highlighting all the wonderful clothes beautifully presented inside.