Flush Closing sliding door wardrobes, Houghton

Flush closing sliding system is being used quite often in Italian pre-made wardrobes, however something exceptional on UK bespoke furniture market. In this project the flush closing sliding system was one of the main requirements of our customer. And as you can see below we did a great job!

Flush closing sliding doors wardrobe

Fully fitted wardrobe with flush closing sliding system

Fully bespoke sliding door wardrobe with flush closing doors system

slide wardrobe fully built in

And our bespoke office table matching the colour of both wardrobes:

fully bespoke office table

bespoke office table - urban wardrobes

This flush closing sliding door wardrobe is very streamlined; minus handles it blends well into the rest of the room. It looks very minimalist, the colour matching the walls so it merges into the background drawing your attention instead to the impressive bespoke office desk. But when you open the door you instantly notice the rich colour inside and your attention shifts to the wardrobe itself. Without handles the doors still open with ease, just one gentle pull on the edge activates the slide motion.

Being primarily an office space the interior of the main wardrobe is designed to cope with the organisational needs of the busy professional client, plenty of room to house documents, textbooks and stationary. Whilst the second smaller wardrobe still has space to hang suits and store other belongings not needed in such close vicinity to the desk.

Watching the video you can see how the flush closing sliding system works and realise why it would be a popular choice. The gap alignment is perfect leaving a stylish wardrobe that is both modern and functional. It looks premium and is definitely more exclusive as it is not currently a widely used option in the UK. The sliding action has a lovely flow to it and its aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Urban Wardrobes enable you to access new trends as they develop rather than waiting for the rest of the country to catch on.

Being sliding doors they do not encroach into the rest of the room, meaning the desk can be positioned that close to the wardrobe and not get in the way when you want to access the wardrobe.