Floating built in bookshelves, Hampstead

Floating bookshelves are always an attention getter and a visual treat. Once fitted perfectly in your living room as well as other rooms the results can be spectacular. These bookshelves are viable for big, moderate and even small spaces. The perfectly utilize the space along the wall and thereby add a novel appeal. Hand painted shelves are more popular as they have a rustic, yet smooth finish. Incorporate these floating shelves for a hint of innovation in your home.

Floating fitted bookshelves Hampstead

Floating built in bookshelves Hampstead

The floating bookshelves fit seamlessly into your living space or in any convenient space in your home. These shelves have an allure of both the traditional and modern design. In addition, the attractive appeal of the smooth finish brings about a new charm to these shelves. The minimal, yet intricately designed spacious shelves provide ample space for tucking away your books, collectibles, or any other item. One can easily add requisite items adjusting the space within the shelves. In fact, being floated, the shelves do not have uniform spacing, allowing for the addition of various items in the spaces created.

These shelves are a perfect and classy rendition to your living space. Splurge in these shelves to confer an elegant yet, stunningly stylish look to your homes. The white satinwood finish is inherently charming thereby adding a blend of elegance and rusticity to the book space.