Fitted Bookcase around TV unit, Chelsea

A fitted bookcase with space for a TV unit is not only a smart solution, but is elegant and impeccably stylish. The bespoke bookshelves can be customized to any shape and size, which in turn will fit the wall surrounding your television. The built-in bookcase features some strong and adjustable shelving arrangements which will add a hint of novelty to your living space.

Made to measure spray painted MDF bookcase

Spray painted MDF storage solution

Fitted TV unit in the living room by Urban Wardrobes

The variety of built-in cabinets can be incorporated into your living room by compiling it with books and a series of display widgets. You can make your living room an entertainment zone with an exciting media section. The spacious cabinet of the shelf will provide you enough space to install a full sized LED TV. It will also have some decorative elements around the books.

These bookshelves will also have small shaker cupboards at the bottom. These cupboards with cute and smart doors will surely add a stunning appeal to your living space. There are chunk contemporary shelves at both sides of the TV. These shelves will not only be handy but also extremely adjustable. This floating cabinet with spacing for the Tvwill thus display a blend of modern and vintage styles. Choose these made to measure cabinets to add an out of the box element to your living space.