Embossed veneered sliding doors fitted wardrobe, SE8

One of the most exclusive projects Urban Wardrobes had so far. The inside of the wardrobe is made from the Italian linen-like laminate which we use quite often for our projects. However, the doors is what make this project unique. Check out the pictures below and visit our office-based showroom to look at real samples of oak, walnut veneered panels.

Embossed veneered sliding doors
embossed venner sliding doors wardrobe
Alpi walnut lacquered veneer panels
led lighting inside fully fitted sliding wardrobe
pull out shoe shelf from motorcycle boots

This is the more detailed look of the texture:

alpi veneer lacquered sliding doors

The close up of the texture of the embossing lets you see just how impressive the finish really is. It is really quite beautiful to look at with such depth. It is achieved through a specialist press based in Germany, a combination of the application of 1,000kg of pressure per square metre and their exclusively designed plates. The sophisticated process is what gives such a unique appearance, a textured look but with a completely smooth surface.

It’s much more dynamic than traditional panels, you get the feeling of movement just looking at the design; it was actually designed with the flow of water in mind. The company producer of these panels certainly lives up to its name; it really does add finesse to your wardrobe project – the embossing is very elegant. It gives customers the chance to try something new and much more distinctive. This exciting surface material will really transform your wardrobes from now on and we are thrilled we can offer you something more innovative here at Urban Wardrobes.

The spotlights above the wardrobe are more about drawing your eyes to such an exquisite wardrobe but can also help illuminate the interior, making it easier when getting dressed in the morning with some focused light.

The internal configuration has quite short hanging space, but that allows for more drawers to be included. It really is what works best for our customer and in this case that’s what is most practical for them. The interior is of course fully customisable so you have the luxury of choice when deciding how best to meet your own particular storage requirements. The tall shelf unit is very practical to store other belongings like books, freeing up the clutter in the remainder of the room.

We want your bespoke wardrobe to make the most of the space you have and work closely with you to meet your specifications and tastes.