Alcove units with chimney breast cupboard, Scandi range

A lot of our customers are looking for a fitted solution in the bedroom with two alcoves and the chimney breast in the middle. Sometimes the fitted wardrobes are requited to be installed in the alcoves only, but in this case the chimney breast was used for a shoe cupboard, open shelf and TV.

chimney breast fitted wardrobes
fitted sprayed alcove wardrobes
angled shoe shelves
fitted wardrobes alcove units

The Scandi range have routered handles and you have lots of flexibility when it comes to picking the colour of the real wood veneer. Here the client has chosen a bolder colour for the handles and it looks very contemporary against the white of the wardrobe. It also seems to work in symmetry with the TV. Your eyes are drawn to the darker lines and the TV rather than the rest of the wardrobe which appears further back, deceptively making the room seem bigger than it is. The room is well balanced, the bed and bedside cabinets are at one side of the room and the wardrobe at the other.

The alcoves and chimney breast have been transformed with our bespoke creation, space that would normally be underutilised now provides ample storage. Now our client has hanging rails, drawers, an open shelf and a sizeable shoe rack in what would otherwise have been an awkward space to fill.
The soft pastel tones in the room are very relaxing and calm. The gentle colours of the walls and furnishings keep the room looking warm when the wardrobe is closed. Whilst the contrast of the golden yellow of the wood in the wardrobe interior draws you inside and adds further warmth to the room when it’s in use.

Pastels work most effectively with white furniture so the colour of the wardrobe makes for a successful pairing. The room benefits from the warmth of the chosen pastel colours without being too feminine, as the wardrobe is such a modern piece. If the client wanted to redecorate in the future the fitted wardrobe could easily adapt to a different colour scheme or theme. The doors open out into the room but there is adequate space before the bed to accommodate them being in use.