Loft storage, Fitzrovia

The Loft cabinets featured here come in a chic and smart design. These loft room fitted cabinets are very attractive and purposeful. It efficiently utilize space and add a harming appeal to your home.

loft room cupboards

These wonderful made to measure cabinets are a unique pattern of floating shelves with a number of compartments. Each perfectly accommodates your possessions such as books, collectibles, and more. The wide range of alcove shelves, along with the double cabinet adds a certain charm. One can see that the designs are chic and intricate thus displaying a proper blend of both contemporary and vintage allure.

The invisible fixings of the alcoves as well as the double cabinets are a fine example of structure and style. The design of these cabinets allows for easy fitting in any textured wall. The airy ambiance is a sign of impeccable engineering and the smart finish top of the list of admirable qualities.

Store your collectibles and belongings easily on these shelves which can be changed to better accommodate you. Painted in a stunning eggshell white finish, the cabinets also sport attractive golden knobs.