Vetro – framed mirrored doors wardrobes range

Vetro is our new range of built in wardrobes with profileless sliding doors made from mirrors inserted into the spray painted frames. The handles are routered on the edge of each door and they are almost invisible. We use a German-made sliding system with soft close mechanisms which operate smoothly and silently.

Estimate price for 1 meter width of Vetro range is £1400+VAT where the delivery and installation is included. It means the rough price for 2 meters width wardrobe will be £2800+VAT, for 3 meters width wardrobe – £4200+VAT. Please send us the photos & dimensions of your space for more detailed quotation or book a design visit if you like this range and the estimate is within your budget. We can produce both sliding & hinged wardrobes in Vetro range.

For this particular range we can use any colour for the sprayed doors, standard or bevelled mirrors, fully bespoke interiors & ironmongery. And of course at all times we will take the precise measurements of your space and make sure that our made-to-measure furniture will be fitted to an absolute perfection.

Mirrored Sliding doors wardrobe

Vetro sliding doors wardrobe with mirrored inserts

Vetro fitted mirrored wardrobe with spray painted doors

Vetro range of MDF mirrored doors

Exclusive range of sliding doors wardrobes with spray painted MDF doors
sprayed mirrored doors wardrobe

Made to measure mirrored cupboard

Vetro mirrored bespoke sliding wardrobe

Vetro range MDF spray painted shaker style doors

Vetro sliding doors wardrobe

Vetro fitted wardrobe with 5 mirrored panels

Fitted profileless sliding doors

Vetro fitted spray painted doors with mirrors
Built in mirrored wardrobes
Fitted wardrobes with mirrored framed doors
Fully fitted mirrored wardrobes with sliding doors

Our latest range really brightens up your room; having so many mirrors makes the room appear bigger as it reflects back on itself. This range is very attractive and modern; the mirrored panels actually look even more contemporary than a full-length mirror.

We have made the most of the available space by having a floor to ceiling wardrobe. The internal configuration has been designed to showcase some of the clients favourite items. The middle shelf section looks most impressive when the sliding doors are open. If you decide you want a change you can leave this ajar rather than closed to draw your eye to your favourite belongings or bring colour into the room.

The remainder of the well-presented wardrobe allows the client to carefully arrange all their clothes and shoes in a way that is easy to access into clearly sectioned areas. Having so much storage available within the wardrobe means the room can remain clutter free and even though it’s very white and fresh it does not feel cold, the mirrors really let in so much light, transforming it into such a welcoming space for you to unwind.

The wardrobe blends in beautifully with the rest of the room, the routered handles are almost invisible and the colour of the frame is in keeping with the existing walls. The overall look is very sophisticated and clean. It is a relaxing tidy space, which is a wonderful place to recharge your batteries and have a break from the hustle and bustle in a very neutral well-designed room.

White is a calming colour and has been well incorporated here. The room looks luxurious with our Vetro wardrobe helps keep everything organised. The wardrobe is very versatile because if you did decide to bring colour into the room, it would not matter that the furniture is all light you simply add bold colours by buying artwork for the walls or with a brighter choice of bedding and the mirrors will reflect it back. It is a very adaptable design that will work for years to come.