Modern & edgy, Uxbridge

Modern and edgy, this kitchen is for any fearless chef. The smooth, dark black countertops and edges of the cabinets contrast starkly with the white of the cabinets, like dominoes, and, along with the geometric edges of the counters, create a very cool atmosphere.

Classic kitchen design uxbridge london
contemporary kitchen
kitchen uxbridge london
contemporary kitchen
classic kitchen
nature kitchen porto beige
contemporary kitchen from view

The counter wraps around the room in varying angles and creates a casual dining space at the end. The cabinets can be made to suit almost any need and have stainless steel fixtures which tie in very well with the sink and accents on the appliances. There is even a space to properly store wine bottles for any party.


This kitchen is a perfect conversation piece for any occasion. The stove is set into the countertop and offers a different layout than a traditional stove. Even the fan and lights above it veer away from the classic look and, almost literally, turn the old design on its head. The lights on the ceiling are set into silver, circular fixture to match the rest of the kitchen. Even the dark grey tile adds to the contemporary but minimalist feel that dominates this design. Of course, anything that you see can be changed and modified in colour and build to suit your tastes.


At Urban Wardrobes, we make sure that all of our materials are eco-friendly, and you can be sure that whatever we build is made right here in London and gets a ten year warranty. If you are wondering how Uxbridge can fit into your home, you can schedule a free design consultation by calling us or booking online. One of our designers can visit you with plenty of samples in many different colours and lots of different ideas, and we will work with you to find the right kitchen for the right price. We offer a Price Promise which means that if you get a lower quote from someone else and send it to us, we will match or beat it. Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our terrific portfolio!