Urban Trunk Wardrobe

The inspiration to create this wardrobe came from those wonderful traveling wardrobe trunks which were so popular at the first half of the 20th century. Today, wardrobe trunks are making a huge comeback. People buying old trunks and fixing them to use as an interesting interior component, however they still aren’t large enough for today’s traveler. Most of Urban Wardrobes customers are home owners who love to travel. One of our latest investigations found that approximately 75% of our customers travel at least three times per year. For the last decade the main aim of our company was to create a perfectly fitted bespoke wardrobe for your home which will allow you to save space and will match your existing interior. With the development of Urban Trunk Wardrobe you can now travel together with your belongings in a new way with style.

Trunk leather wardrobe

trunk wardrobe

Lead leather


trunk closet london

lead leather wardrobe

tie trunk wardrobe

colours and materials

basic settings of trunk wardrobe

Urban Trunk Wardrobe is dressed in a true sartorial style. We are using an eco-leather for exterior and entirely upholstered in grey linen fabric interior. As you can see the middle section of the trunk wardrobe is filled with drawers and pull-our shelves while the right and the left sections have clothes hangers. This trunk wardrobe also comes with LED lighting, clothes hangers and tie racks. The basic dimensions are*:

Closed – Length-1290cm, Width-755cm, Height-1840cm
Open – Length – 2060cm, Width-450cm, Height-1840cm
*We can produce Urban Trunk Wardrobe in custom dimensions