Hallway sprayed fitted bookcase, NW1 Camden

The traditionally styled bookcase is aesthetically and functionally pleasing – with perfect touches given to the bookshelf, it is meant to be a part of your life. Call it a saviour or a drop of heaven in your home – the symmetrical bookshelf has a radiator which can be put on the grill of the doors.

Sprayed Hallway bookcase with routered handles

Fed up of asking your son to keep his books and comics in one place? Are you sick and tired of your husband’s files and scripts thrown around? Do you need a place to keep grandma’s good old recipe books, home-improvement scrolls and your personal classics? The answer is simple, you need to be organised, which is why, bringing home one of the chic and trendy modern day fitted bookshelves is a must.

Imagine the amount of space you would be freeing – free from books and magazines, novels too, being stacked on one another. Irrespective of where the bookshelf is installed, the living space around would now be free of congestion; allowing more room space to move. Brighten up your senses and allow more space to let you be as you want it everyday.

V-grooves on the side frames of the built in bookcase gives it an uber-classy look, and right from top to bottom, the furniture piece reminds one of the good old countryside lifestyle. With minimal artistic touches to suit modern day lifestyle and panache, the bookshelf with its traditional touch and appeal would live with the family for a very long time to come.

Made from eco-friendly products and very easy on maintenance too, the classy and very elegant bookshelf is a must for homemakers to have. Spare yourselves the horror of entering a home with books lying around; a home should look like a home – neat, warm, clean and very inviting.

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