Tessuto Fabric like range of slide wardrobes

Tessuto is our new range of sliding door wardrobes. “Tesutto” from Italian means “Fabric”. As usually in all our ranges the internal space of the wardrobe is fully configurable. The doors are made from fabric like wood panels with the thin aluminium profile around.

Estimate price for 1 meter width of Tessuto range is £1150+VAT where the delivery and installation is included. It means the rough price for 2 meters width wardrobe will be £2300+VAT, for 3 meters width wardrobe – £3450+VAT.

Tessuto Fabrics like wardrobes range

Tessuto sliding door wardrobes with fabrics finish

Tessuto fitted sliding door wardrobes range

If you are looking for something different then this new wardrobe range really stands out. The fabric wood panels are very deceiving and look much softer on the eye than they really are. The Tessuto range (meaning fabric in Italian) is very stylish and sophisticated, the fabric effect is very attractive but offers a much more sturdy option than a canvas wardrobe ever would. If you appreciate the textured appearance but need something more hardwearing this wardrobe is ideal. It is also easier to wipe clean and because it does not contain natural textiles is not a tempting treat for moths. It’s bad enough they eat the contents of your wardrobe if they can; it would be worst still if they ate your actual wardrobe!

This wardrobe can fit in with your current décor in a seamless way complimenting your choice of soft furnishings. It’s wonderful having a greater choice when it comes to wardrobes, its not one design fits all with Urban Wardrobes but more about finding the best tailored wardrobe solution to suit the individual. As always the internal space is fully configurable giving you the luxury of customising your hanging space, drawers and shelves for your needs. Space is never an issue once you decide to order from Urban Wardrobes, it’s easier to keep your room tidy if everything has its own place.

The thin aluminium profile around the panels is discrete not drawing attention away from the beautiful panels themselves. In the past people would go to great lengths to decorate their wardrobes to get the overall look they desire, but today its much easier to just buy a design made to your requirements at the very beginning. Rather than painstakingly try and cover a new wardrobe with fabric to get the result you want. Trust me you will wonder why you ever started on that particular project!