Tempo – half height routered handleless doors wardrobe

Handleless doors is a rising trend nowadays and we also noticed a great demand from our new customers for the ranges with doors which have routered handles. Tempo is a range of hinged door wardrobes with half height routered handless. The doors can be spray painted in matt or high gloss.

Estimate price for 1 meter width of Tempo range is £1200+VAT where the delivery and installation is included. It means the rough price for 2 meters width wardrobe will be £2400+VAT, for 3 meters width wardrobe – £3600+VAT.

Tempo painted hinged doors wardrobe
Fully fitted wardrobe with spray painted doors with routered handles

Tempo fitted wardrobes with grooved handles

Tempo fitted spray painted wardrobe with routered handles

Spray painted fitted wardrobe with grooved doors

Tempo sloping ceiling fitted wardrobes
Built in wardrobes with sprayed doors
Sprayed made to measure wardrobes with grooved handles

The wardrobe colour really suits the bedroom; the white finish is very minimalistic and sleek but is prevented from being cold with the warmer oak frame outline and matching interior. The end result is clean and contemporary and very inviting. Your bedroom is a haven after all to relax and unwind so it’s important to get it right, this room is a luxurious and calming space with furniture to compliment it.

The finished wardrobe is quite neutral; if the owner chose to sell their house buyers would like that it’s not too bold a choice. It’s a gorgeous item of furniture but would work with another colour scheme for the walls if a new owner wanted to inexpensively change the bedroom or the current client wanted to try something different.

The chosen wardrobe suits the room well and is beautifully made. Being handle-less the wardrobe looks more stylish and unassuming, visually it creates an impact of a more streamlined bedroom. Handles add to the clutter and are harder to clean.

This wardrobe has hinged doors, as there is more than enough room to accommodate them in the room and still walk around the bed. Now when open its easy to access all the wardrobe at once, ideal if you like to see all your options when picking an outfit to wear or if two people want to use the wardrobe at the same time – not so easy with sliding doors.

The internal configuration is very functional, items are easy to find and can be stored appropriately. The shelves work well with the storage boxes the client favours to house smaller belongings. One side of the wardrobe has room for longer items of clothing whilst the other side has incorporated a half rail to fit in a greater number of short items of clothing. It is all custom made to the particular storage needs of our client.