“Clean and Pure”, Chelsea

This simple design offers you a clean, pure look that as is can match any arrangement. While it appears a little more traditional than some of our other constructions, Chelsea still conveys an understated elegance that anyone can appreciate.

The bright, refined layout of this sliding wardrobe pairs beautifully with and adds to the light-hearted freshness of the bedroom. The wide middle section of the panels, pictured here in a pale coloured wood, provides a break from the solid coloured sliding doors and can come in any texture or colour. The upper and lower sections of the sliding door panels can also come in any texture or colour in order to match the layout of the room and provide you with your perfect sliding wardrobe look. The three panels of the wardrobe can slide open easily to allow greater access to the interior. Since customisation is so important to us at Urban Wardrobes, every part of the sliding wardrobe, including the interior layout and colour, can be designed however you want it.

Any number of hanging spaces, shelves, and drawers can be added, taken away, or placed in a specific arrangement to provide you with the exact layout that you want and space that you need. Take advantage of our free design consultation, and let us help you choose and create the perfect sliding wardrobe. You are sure to get an individualised piece with a ten year warranty that is made right here in London! You can also rest assured that all of our materials and products are eco-friendly and that you are getting the best price. We offer a Price Promise to beat any quote, so if you receive a lower one, send it to us and we will be sure to offer you a lower price for your sliding wardrobe. Sneak a peek at the rest of our wonderful portfolio, and thanks for your interest!