Scandi – spray painted doors with routered solid wood handles

Scandi is one of our new ranges of fitted hinged wardrobe. Can be installed for rooms with sloping ceilings or just for standard bedrooms or living rooms. The main feature of this wardrobe is perfectly routered handles made from real wood veneer and available in any colour (oak, walnut, pine, ash, beech etc.). Our designers will be happy to check the existing interior in your property and advice the a harmonious combination of carcass material, doors & routered handle colours.

Estimate price for 1 meter width of Scandi range is £1300+VAT where the delivery and installation is included. It means the rough price for 2 meters width wardrobe will be £2600+VAT, for 3 meters width wardrobe – £3900+VAT. Please send us the photos & dimensions of your space for more detailed quotation or book a design visit if you like this range and the estimate is within your budget.

Below you will find pictures of our fully bespoke & made-to-measure built in wardrobes made in Scandi Range. We can work with most awkward spaces maximising the space inside the wardrobe at all times. We will provide you with impressive colour palettes to inspire your ideas.

Dark Wenge carcass & frame, sprayed doors with dark oak grooved handles

Scandi range of fitted wardrobes

Built in wardrobe from made to measure furniture makers

Doors with real wood grooved handles
Light Oak routered handles & frame, sprayed doors

Scandi spray painted door wardrobes with routered solid wood handles

Fully fitted spray painted wardrobe with routrered handles

Real wood handles for hinged wardrobes

Light oak routered handles. Doors, infills & side panel are spray painted in All White, Farrow & Ball

Scandi is a contemporary range of fitted wardrobes

Fully fitted spray painted cupboards

Scandi is also available with metal routered handles (brass or chrome):

Scandi range wardrobe with routered metal handles

This has to be one of my all time favourite Urban Wardrobes designs; you would never guess there was a wardrobe hiding behind the cleverly routered handles. It’s so seamless; this choice blends in completely into the wall except for the striking effect of the lines from the handles, which create an eye-catching and interesting backdrop for the room. It is actually quite decorative in its own simple way.

It all feels very streamlined, fitting the available space perfectly. This new range of wardrobe works with any space giving you ample storage regardless of the measurements of your room. As its not a traditional wardrobe it would be well suited for other rooms not just limited to the bedroom, freeing up more storage in every living space for paperwork, books and other belongings – making it easier to have a clutter free lifestyle! Better for aesthetics and your general health and well being.

It is so contemporary yet still highly practical, despite the restriction of a sloping ceiling the space is utilised well and astonishingly accommodates a generous selection of clothes and accessories through a combination of hanging space, shelves and drawers. Sloping ceilings can become an attractive feature rather than a difficult aspect of the room to work around – no space is lost in the process either. The pictures show how any loft can be transformed into a valuable asset for your home.

The skylights mean the room is already flooded with light so the wardrobe does not need to reflect additional light back into the room so grey was an excellent choice by the client. The grey colour is on trend at the moment, a reliable, modern choice that is surprisingly neutral. It’s also a colour that works well with other colours if you decide to be more adventurous with your palette later on.