Westbourne Terrace, Paddington W2

Introducing the huge fitted hinged wardrobe with glass doors which was manufactured, painted and installed by Urban Wardrobes. It has plenty of drawers, shoe racks and mirrors doors, a total delight to have, and must we say, an answer to all your daily storage woes. The fitted wardrobe is approximately 5.4 meters long, 3.4 meters high and 0.6 meters deep – storage space for your husband’s clothes and shoes too.

Shaker style spray painted doors wardrobe

MDF spray painted doors wit mirrors

If you like everything big and large, be ready to make storage space on the same lines, because attire and shoes lying around, isn’t a pleasant sight!How about making things easy on your shoulders, keeping in mind the new age and modern day lifestyles? Who has the time to shuttle from one wardrobe to the next – why shuttle when everything can be accommodated in one big walk in wardrobe?

Ask yourself these questions and meditate over the needs you have at the moment. Would you rather not have one large wardrobe with enough of space for almost everything you wear and use? Wouldn’t it save you time and plenty of energy – especially when searching for that evening gown or the formal shoes for the night out? And how nice would it be to have all your cosmetics and the make-up kit right in front of you, while you doll up to spend the night out? Seems interesting, indeed it is!

No more keeping those ugly shoe racks out at the main entrance – aesthetically the beauty and charm of the living space goes for a toss when such placements are made. Shoes have their own space in the fitted wardrobe, and the bedroom would be spared of clutter too. Modern age and new lifestyles have taken away the time to organise everything around the house, which is why Urban Wardrobes understands your needs and has heard your pleas. Give us a call today and our customer manager would be happy to help with customised solutions.