Malmo – high gloss doors in wooden frame

Malmo is our range of hinged door wardrobes manufactured based on exact measurements of your space and fitted to the absolute perfection. We have lot’s of colours available for the doors and you can also choose the colour of the carcass and frame.

Estimate price for 1 meter width of Malmo range is £1100+VAT where the delivery and installation is included. It means the rough price for 2 meters width wardrobe will be £2200+VAT, for 3 meters width wardrobe – £3300+VAT.

high gloss door wardrobes with external drawers

Fully fitted wardrobe with high gloss doors

external drawers made from high quality laminate

The one coloured draw gives this particular wardrobe a quirky and contemporary feel; the wardrobe would almost blend in completely if it was not for that feature and the subtle wooden frame outlining the expanse of white. It’s a fresh and versatile design that fits in perfectly with the clients current theme.

The high gloss finish is very attractive and sophisticated; it also serves to brighten up the space considerably as light can reflect back into the room. It is a luxurious look that is very popular at the moment.

But the crisp white does not disappear completely because of the uniquely modern choice of a drawer in a different colour. We offer lots of colour choice so regardless of your scheme you will find a wardrobe that works perfectly with your chosen room. Too much white and the room might have felt cold and clinical but with the darker flooring and the mismatched drawer it works.

The handles are very stylish, but not too ornate, as this wardrobe does not want to overpower the room. It’s a cohesive look that works with the remaining furniture.

The internal configuration leaves plenty of choice as to how you store your clothes and accessories, the double hanging space always a good option and ample shelves to tidily fold towels and blankets out of sight. As the wardrobe is built floor to ceiling height available space is maximised so the wardrobe does not need to be any wider and start to dominate the room. All of which helps keep the minimalist style the client obviously appreciates.

High gloss is also can excellent choice when it comes to keeping the wardrobe looking its best, it’s smooth and sleek and easy to wipe clean.

Urban Wardrobes realise that wardrobes are so much more than a practical item; they are a reflection of your personality. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your storage dreams and aspirations.