“Fresh and earthy” Maidstone

Fresh and earthy, Maidstone kitchen project is sure not to disappoint. The pastel yellow of the cabinetry and drawers balances out the deep brown of the countertops and floors, all while bringing a bright, springtime feel to the kitchen.


The counters wrap  around the room, giving you plenty of space to create the perfect meal, while no space is wasted with clunky appliances. The stovetop is set right into the counter, and the ovens and microwave are laid smoothly in with the cabinetry surrounding them. The corner cabinets even offer round shelves that can be pulled out and searched easily and quickly, so there is no more rummaging around in the cabinets, trying to find something but seemingly finding everything but that item.

The sink offers two different sections for dishes while the dish rack has its own drain, so there is no more standing water or clumsy dish racks far too close to the sink. The shades for the windows in front of the sink bring even more rich colour to this kitchen. Of course, this shade and everything else in the kitchen can come in wide variety of colours to suit your style and match with the rest of the room.

If you like this design, give us a call or book online for your free design consultation. Our Urban Wardrobes designers, based right in London, can show you different samples and ideas and work with you to create a kitchen that is unique to you. Our prices will not be equaled, but if you find a lower quote, send it to us, and we will match it. All of our materials are eco-friendly, and anything we make is guaranteed with a ten year warranty. So what are you waiting for? See what we can dream up for you! Be sure to check out the rest of our stunning portfolio!