Linea – flush close sliding system

Urban Wardrobes is the first furniture company on UK market to offer our customers the fully made-to-measure and fitted wardrobes with flush closing sliding doors system.

Linea - flush closing sliding doors system
Linea - sliding doors with flush close system
Linen Xylo carcass and flush closing sliding wardrobe

This bespoke wardrobe has a grey interior that is ultra modern and sophisticated. Grey is a very versatile colour and the client has used it to good effect with the colour of the walls matching the wardrobe interior.

Grey can be quite a moody colour, but the spotlights help give the room a subtler feel that is still a grown up and confident choice.

The flush closing sliding doors system and the absence of visible handles keep the two separate panels looking more like one continuous surface. This helps with the flow of the room and looks more streamlined.

The taupe (grey/brown) panel colour choice helps it stand out against the grey walls and helps the room feel warmer. The end result is very contemporary and the wardrobe looks as attractive in use as it does when the doors are closed. When in use it adds to the monochromatic colour scheme with lots more grey on display.

The interior has ample hanging space, lots of shelves and a set of drawers, so your clothes, shoes and belongings can be kept well organised. Urban Wardrobes can be very flexible with the design and work towards a configuration that meets your exacting needs.

If creating space is important to you sliding doors are a good option to maximise storage but also as you can see here they enhance the overall appearance of the room. You can appreciate the wardrobe interior without a door opening out using up valuable floor space and taking away from the impact you hope to create.