Inseto is our new range of sliding door wardrobes. The door itself can be sprayed in any colour (Farrow&Ball, Dulux, Paint and Paper library or RAL code) and the “inset” is made from real wood veneer. We can achieve any colour for the inset handle – light or dark oak, walnut etc.

Inseto fitted wardrobes with routered handles

Fitted sliding door wardrobes in sprayed finish

Bespoke sliding door wardrobes

The white palette is very fresh and clean. It makes the room seem more spacious. The contrast when the wardrobe interior is exposed is very effective. The rich colour of the real wood adds so much warmth and character. Likewise, the bold handle also works well for the same reason. Features like this add interest. Bringing more personality into the room.

The parquet flooring makes a statement. It draws the eye much more than plank flooring ever could. It can be considered quite traditional and formal usually. But the design seems to stay very contemporary here.

The dark grey headboard compliments the crisp white cotton bedding. The client can get away with such white walls because of the amount of natural light flooding in from the window. Choosing to add a grey bed throw and a rug also inject colour into the room.

Adding suitable artwork is another method you use to break up white walls. The bull canvas suits the d├ęcor it has a regal presence. Bulls are a symbol of wealth and power.

Lighting is an important consideration in any room and the client has chosen downlights that really stand out in the white ceiling. They could have been installed more discretely but instead look quite modern in their uniformity.

Even if at first glance the room looks very neutral there are lots of design features to appreciate here. You can see the thought that has gone into the finished layout.

Opting for sliding doors maximise the available floor space. In this case allowing the client to have a side table near the bed, which would not have been possible if the doors of the wardrobe opened out into the room.

Our bespoke wardrobes can really improve the flow of a room. They fit the available space perfectly and give you a practical storage solution that stops a room looking too busy or crowded.