Modern Kitchen, Holland Park

Sleek and modern, kitchen project at Holland Park offers an intriguing atmosphere. The curved countertop makes use of limited space, expanding both the area to serve and cook as well as adding an area to dine, and departs from the traditional straight countertops with ninety degree corners.


The cabinetry and stainless steel fixtures gleam and fit well with the flow of the curve of the countertop and room. The dark marble countertops and backsplashes peppered with white offer a unique and interesting contrast to the glowing, lighter coloured cabinets and drawers.

The stainless steel appliances give the room an extra polished look and make sure there is plenty of room for cooking, baking, and storing food. The extra tall doors grant you better access to a separate fridge and freezer. The glass front gives you not only a view of the contents but also an exceptional appliance that no one else is sure to have. Inset lights line the ceiling and underneath the upper cabinets, so you are never left in the dark.

The exquisite dining area will not disappoint your guests. The glass table with black, square chairs surrounding it will give you plenty of room to entertain a large party, and there are many colors and paintings that would make a bold statement with this furniture.

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