Blaze – high gloss handle less doors range

We all know there’s a lot of folks over here who prefer to have high gloss furniture in their homes. We decided to develop our new Blaze range – wardrobes with spray painted high gloss doors. As you can see from the pictures the doors are handleless and look very minimalistic.

Estimate price for 1 meter width of Blaze range is £1200+VAT (matt) or £1600+VAT (high gloss) where the delivery and installation is included. It means the rough price for 2 meters width wardrobe will be £2400+VAT (matt) or £3200+VAT (high gloss), for 3 meters width wardrobe – £3600+VAT (matt) or £4800+VAT (high gloss).

Blaze - high gloss hinged wardrobe with handle less doors

High gloss spray painted wardrobe with dark walnut interior

And here are the photos of our recent “Blaze” projects:

High Spray painted doors wardrobe

Handle Less hinged doors wardrobe made from spray painted high gloss MDf

It is a very contemporary and clean look without the handles. Your eyes are drawn down the length of the whole wardrobe rather than focusing on the handles. If you want to make your bedroom a modern uncluttered haven then this is the wardrobe for you. Instead of a handle you can open the doors using the groove in the design, the lack of handle might actually deter your children from messing around in your wardrobes! How often do you find them tucked amongst the clothes playing hide and seek?

White is very popular at the moment, yet you can still incorporate bolder colours into the room through the bedding or bright prints on the walls if you want something more vibrant. These can then be easily (and relatively cheaply) altered if you fancy something different. A wardrobe like this gives you the flexibility to do so quite effortlessly as it’s a neutral backdrop in any room.

This modern wardrobe also gives you lots of choice as to how you furnish the rest of the room. You can continue with the white high gloss theme or enjoy the welcome contrast of an oak bedside cabinet or bed. You really do have the freedom to experiment with different options.

High gloss is an excellent decision if you want reflect more light into your room, if you strategically place your lamps and light fittings you should make the room appear much brighter. This is even more important if it’s a small room that lacks much in the way of natural light. Although you can see how a well-placed skylight has the same effect, reflecting the light onto the wardrobe and back into the room. As you can see from the pictures we can fit the high gloss wardrobe into any shape room, no longer do you have to worry about wasted space from those awkward slopping ceilings.