Grey glass & mirror strips sliding doors closet, Richmond TW10

Two similar design alcove sliding wardrobes were installed in our customer’s house in Richmond. Floor to ceiling sliding doors are made to measure and made from grey glass with mirror strips in the middle.

Prices from £1000* for 1 linear meter including delivery and installation.

*For example if you wardrobe’s width is 3 meters the total price of the project including delivery and installation would cost you around £3000. The price is based on the standard design with full carcass, 3 fully bespoke & made-to-measure sliding doors, 3 drawers, shelves.

3 sliding doors wardrobe Richond

Glass sliding doors wardrobe with mirror strips

Fitted made to measure sliding wardrobe

Alcove 3 doors sliding wardrobe

Grey glass sliding doors wardrobe

Mirror strips sliding doors wardrobe

Alcove fitted sliidng wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes have been in vogue for a while now, and is especially popular with women who prefer a trendy yet simplistic way to store their precious dresses. Alcove Sliding wardrobes save space and can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the user. Urban Wardrobes have the most innovative yet chic solution to your storage needs! The Grey Glass & Mirror Strips Sliding Door Closet complements the mood in any household. Contrary to popular belief, the bland design is not a turn-off. In fact, most users prefer solid colors over bright two tones, metallic/glossy finish or extravagant craftsmanship.

Even though wood-finish is popular, it does not complement different modern settings. Grey glass, on the other hand, highlights the interior design of your bedroom and is hence popular with the fashionistas! The wardrobe gets full points for practicality too, as the design of the storage units can be pre-specified according to the needs of the user. Hence, users are entitled to specify the location of the racks and storage lockers, etc., inside the wardrobe.

An alcove sliding door closet saves space on multiple fronts and has numerous practical impacts on medium and small households. Urban Wardrobes have designed the alcove sliding closet, keeping in mind the needs of every household. Hence, while luxury and visual aesthetics is important, practicality receives some well-deserved brownie points. You finally have a one-stop solution for stacking up those books, which were lying around in the storage unit till now, or the million pairs of shoes, thousands of dresses and hundreds of jewelry that had no permanent residence.

Ladies, you can finally spend some quality time pampering yourself since you don’t need to look for your makeup kit around the house, or sift through numerous wardrobes in search of that LBD. You can finally get things sorted out!