Flush closing sliding wardrobe, St Albans

Another flush close sliding system installed for our customer in St Albans. The total width of the wardrobe is 3.3 meters which means each sliding doors is approximately 1.65 meters. But even this is no the limit for our Linea range of flush losing sliding doors.

Linea flush closing sliding system wardrobe
fitted flush close sliding wardrobe
made to measure flush closing sliding wardrobe

This vast wardrobe can contain a multitude of belongings including a steam mop! It is very functional, with lots of storage space and it’s easy to access because of the helpful addition of sliding doors.

You can soon feel organised with a cleverly designed interior configuration like this, the very practical solution means that everything has a place and you can begin to enjoy a clutter free bedroom without so many distractions.

When in use the interior stands out against the white sliding door. It makes for an interesting contrast against the expanse of white.

As the spacious wardrobe is white the client has the option to bring colour to the room through their choice of furnishings; it’s easy to change the rest of the room without spending much if you want to refresh your theme because you have lots of options with a wardrobe like this.

The wardrobe colour is very fresh and clean, it serves as a blank canvas so you can choose what you want to emphasise in the room whether it’s the view, a fireplace or a painting.

It’s quite a neutral backdrop that blends into the wall. Although if you did want to draw the wardrobe out you could consider painting the walls another colour, again it all shows you just how flexible this wardrobe is to your needs now and in the future. The wardrobe is a staple that can work well with so many different colours and textures. It can easily adapt to current trends and interior design fads.

Not forgetting sliding doors are good options in smaller rooms, as you do not lose precious floor space opening wardrobe doors.