Dark walk in wardrobe made from combination of leather and wood

The following project was manufactured using two material – leather like laminate and dark brown wood. Together with LED lighting and aluminium handles the effect of the dark dressing room is simply stunning.

Walk in wardrobe with mirrored island in the middle and chest of drawers
Fully fitted walk in closet
walk in wardrobe made from leather and wood
Built in walk in wardrobes with framed mirror

Bespoke wardrobe isle in the middle of the room
Bench with hidden storage in the fitted walk in bedroom
Dressing table island made from leather wood
Chest of drawers with the mirrored top
Chest of drawers in the middle of dressing room

Shoe shelves inside the walk in wardrobeWalk in wardrobe from combination of wood and leather materials
Second part of fully fitted walk in wardrobe with open carcass
chest of drawers with open shelves for the shoes

Our leather laminate looks very stylish combined with the dark brown wood; it’s a decent sized room so the dark colours do not make the room appear smaller. It actually looks quite rich and elegant and definitely very practical. It helps that the walls are a lighter colour and the addition of a mirror on the wall, things worth contemplating if you decide to go ahead with a design like this. But it’s a bold theme that works on so many levels.

Everything is easy to access; you will notice no doors on the wardrobe itself, making it a much quicker process to pick out your outfit for the day. There is an area to sit down to put on your shoes in comfort, which is a good idea if you’re investing in a dressing room on this scale, every detail matters however small. You will soon come to really value the convenience of a well-organised layout like this, freeing up more time, no longer having the stressful experience of never knowing where anything is.

Everything has been well considered and designed to incorporate the clients extensive collection of shoes, clothes and accessories in an attractive easy to find way. The glass topped drawers mean you can easily refresh yourself with the contents inside them without having to open up everything.

The addition of the built in LED lighting make it easier to find outfits that compliment each other, rather than struggling to see what you are looking for and getting frustrated and irritated in the process. Not only does it make it easier to find things it does help make the wardrobe look more appealing and sophisticated, drawing you in to browse through the beautiful range of outfits.

Every detail has been well thought-out including even small drawer sections to safely store sunglasses. Everything has its place in this impressive storage solution; if you value your clothes and accessories this is the best way to showcase them.