Traditional built in bookcase, NW5

Love a little adventure and chunky thrills back home? This is an eco-friendly bookshelf which was manufactured, painted and installed by Urban Wardrobes – a piece of furnishing which would bring in modern living with futuristic touches. The bookcase on display is very new age, modern, contemporary and with plenty of storage solutions.

Living unit bookcase

The crazy paving style is the most attractive feature of the fitted bookshelf. One wouldn’t want to miss out on the ‘chunky floating shelves’ – perfect to house costly crockery items, maybe an elegant Swarovski vase, or probably uber-cool ornamentation and artefacts bought while travelling to someplace exotic in the recent past. Take a look at the bottom of the bookshelf – there are storage cabinets beneath, should you opt to keep old magazines, newspapers, maybe shoes and other items, out and away from glaring eyes. The aesthetics of the room wouldn’t be taken for a ride when the bookshelf is installed. Each of the dimensions is made to measure – taking care of matching up and synchronising with the mise-en-scene and the ambience around.

In pure white and with plenty of shelves and plain cupboards, minimal in design and art, the contemporary bookshelf brought to you by Urban Wardrobes was made keeping your storage needs and desires in mind. Modern day houses aren’t too big, and this is the scene across the nation. In addition to that, Urban Wardrobes respects the environment and hence manufactures products with eco-friendly materials, no compromises on the raw materials and the final product though. Check more bookshelves for the modern home you live in, and keep the house free from clutter – books lying around or artefacts across the room lying unused brings in a lot of bad energies – keep the living space organised and clean, and install the bookshelf soon. Give Urban Wardrobes a call today, and a customer manager would be available to help you with your queries.