Brillo, sprayed doors with grooved Metal handles

Brillo is our range of fully fitted and made-to-measure wardrobes with integrated/grooved metal handles. The metal is available in bright chrome, stainless steel and brass finishes. The doors can be sprayed in any colour.

Fully Fitted wardrobe with grooved metal handles

Brillo range of bespoke sprayed wardrobes

Grooved metal handles inside sprayed hinged doors

Made to measure carcasses fully fitted by Urban Wardrobes

Drawer with small dividers inside

This wardrobe helps create such a serene bedroom, the integrated handles mean the wardrobe blends in, the room feels uncluttered with a positive energy. It is very minimalistic and modern. We enjoy working closely with our customers to ensure we tailor the designs to their individual requirements and specifications and in this case the end result was very contemporary and none of the space in the room is wasted, as the wardrobe reaches from floor to ceiling and wall to wall maximising the potential storage.

With so much storage available inside the wardrobe you can ensure your belongings are well organised, everything has a place and you can relax in that knowledge. Time is a precious commodity and our internal storage configurations mean you can quickly find what you need in the morning rush to work. Our wardrobe interiors are very bespoke ensuring your storage needs are fully met.

Removing the clutter in the room helps you get a better night’s sleep, so investing in a decent wardrobe can really improve the quality of your life.

Being able to choose your own colour for the wardrobe doors is ideal because we all have a colour we like the most, that makes us feel happy. Whether you want to create an impact or choose a subtler colour as shown here, it’s wonderful having complete control over the process. Colours have a huge influence on how light and airy a room can feel.

Even with the white walls and minimal belongings on show the room doesn’t look too stark, it looks spacious and comfortable because the grey wardrobes stop it from being too cold and the rug adds a richer colour. When the wardrobe is in use you see the contrast of the light wooden interior which adds further warmth to the room and a bit more personality!