Attic room wardrobe storage with push to open doors, East Barnet

Customer asked us to produce the storage solution which will allow him to utilise the space inside his newly built loft conversion. Absolutely all doors in this storage solution, fitted under the sloping ceilings, are spray painted and have push-to-open mechanisms. It makes interior to be contemporary and stylish.

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From the following pictures you can see how well we can find a solution to your storage needs, even the most difficult shaped rooms can be transformed into a practical and functional space with ample storage for all your requirements.

Adding a loft conversion adds real value to your property so is well worth considering, but equally its important putting in the time and research planning the interiors once you have decided to go ahead. Urban Wardrobes are experienced in creating wardrobe configurations that suit any room dimensions even the most challenging.

Working around the windows and sloping ceiling they have managed to achieve a modern and minimalist design, the use of the white spray paint finish making the room appear much larger than it actually is. When the sun streams through the windows it will reflect light all through the room, making it a much brighter area of the house. Traditionally lofts were considered dark and dusty rooms, full of cobwebs and cardboard boxes, but with more and more rooms being altered beyond recognition with Urban Wardrobes it’s much easier for anyone to see the potential.

The streamlined effect continues with push-to-open doors and drawers, meaning there is no need for handles, so instead your eyes are drawn across the expanse of white in the room. No space is wasted, every part of the construction has been well thought out.

It’s very impressive how much has been achieved in a room this size, leaving the owner with a good mix of shelves, drawers and hanging space. The arrangement making it possible to keep the reminder of the room clutter free, with enough space to add additional furniture if needed, such as a comfortable armchair if you’re keeping it as a dressing room or a bed if you wanted the extra room for guests in your house.