Antico – veneered doors with brushed antique metal handles

Antico is the perfect range of fitted furniture for contemporary apartment. Initially designed for luxury new development in the heart of Canary Wharf it became extremely popular with interior designers. You can choose from our selection of veneer colours (50+) and from 5 metal colours. The side & infill panels can be sprayed (like in this project) or veneered as well. All our products are fully bespoke and made-to-measure.

Antico - brushed antique metal handles fitted wardrobes
Fully fitted antique brushed wardrobes
Real wood veneer wardrobe doors with antique brushed handles

The decision to use brushed antique metal handles adds more character. It has a sophisticated affluent feel that is completely in keeping with its prime location in Canary Wharf.

The room layout has incorporated a mixture of metals which adds texture, through the choice of handles, the chair and side table. The chosen metals are warm, so the light grey room does not look cold. Instead it’s an inviting and luxurious retreat from busy London life. With plenty of natural light coming in from the big window. The light palette of the walls helps reflect the light in the room.

Adding greenery is a good idea to improve the air quality. Especially if you live in a bustling city as plants can absorb harmful chemicals. Spider plants are low maintenance so a great choice if you want an option that pretty much takes care of itself. Plants also bring a splash of colour to a room making it much more vibrant without costing very much.

The subtle white outline around the wardrobe is striking. It draws your eye to the exquisite item of furniture, framing it perfectly. The panelled wall of the bed also adds adequate interest and makes the room cosier. It effectively breaks up the expanse of light grey paint. Making the room more welcoming and less of a neutral canvas.

The room is uncluttered and calm. The Antico interior has ample storage space which leaves plenty of floor space empty. The client has kept accessories to a minimum. Belongings in the wardrobe are well organised and easy to retrieve with the combination of drawers, shelves and hanging space.

The room doesn’t have too much going on so has an airy feel. All-together a peaceful and tranquil design has been achieved. It comes together seamlessly. Nothing is too overpowering. The concept works in harmony.