Minimalist design, Angel, Islington

Sleek, refined, and minimalist, this design creates a clean look that will expand any room. Its modest colour makes sure it will go well with any colour palette or room decor that you may already have, and if you were thinking of remodeling your current living space, now or in the future, this piece will complement any choice you make.


The stark white panels of this sliding wardrobe are like a heavenly breeze of crisp air that is sure to freshen up any room. However, we offer this particular design in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find one that suits your tastes. When closed, its doors blend in perfectly with the body of the wardrobe. The shelves, hanging spaces, and drawers are completely customizable for your storage and clothing needs. With this bold yet reserved design, you will be able to mix and match any room pieces without having different patterns to clash with. Spaces for electronics can be built into the sliding doors to produce a seamless look that is sure to appear innovative.

Here at Urban Wardrobes in London, we will beat any quote, so this wardrobe will also fit seamlessly into your budget! Every piece that we manufacture is completely eco-friendly, comes with a 10 year warranty, and custom-tailored to fit into your living or bedroom space. Remember, our design consultations are free. If you like this particular style, be sure to mention it by name and our designers will make it work just for you. Also make sure to check out the rest of our wonderful portfolio! If you can’t decide between two styles, we can help you, so you don’t have to choose between having the sliding wardrobe of your dreams and just having a wardrobe. Thanks for stopping by!