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A home design visit is a fundamental part of any bespoke furniture project. Our designer isn’t simply there to take the measurements of your space, but will consider your existing interior and finishes, your aspirations and interests. Our designer will listen to your requirements and offer you the most appropriate materials and solutions.

Once the design visit is completed our designer will return to the office and provide you with the detailed 3D drawings and estimate price. The 3D drawings you will receive are fully bespoke and will be in accordance with your requirements.

We try to maximise our efforts to provide you with the bespoke solution that will work for you on a daily basis. We also provide you with 100% guarantee that the final look of your wardrobe will be the same as on the 3D drawings which were approved by you previously to the deposit payment. Our main priority is to make sure that you receive truly personal service and even if you decide not to proceed with our company you get your fully bespoke wardrobe design.

We strongly recommend you to check our Pricing page before booking a design visit. It will help you to get an idea about rough estimate price for your project. Our administrator will be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone as well.






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